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Appearance: The people of Sheradan are dark skinned with little to no hair. They have almost black eyes but look auburn under the right lighting. Clothing-wise they generally wear high boots, these boots will often have pieces of black carbon fiber to protect them from any splashing lava or fragments of glass during the hot summer months. They wear light gloves to protect themselves from the sharp surfaces next to the volcanic rivers in case they fall.

Political System: History:

Notes: Volcanic planet with limited area to live. One of the most recent planets that have taken to the federation. The planet mostly warred against itself, separated against each other in small tribes. It wasn’t until the recently that a chief was able to bring the tribes together to unite under a common enemy, the Ashans. The tribes of Sheridan mostly only care about one thing, the fight. Uniting them under one common enemy was a smart choice as it gave them a new reason to fight without growing restless. The planet is harsh to anyone who isn’t from there, which has mostly protected them against other planets. Not only are their volcanic hot spots, but there’s a slightly higher level of gravity due to the density of their planet’s core.

The choice to join the federation met with a lot of resistance from both Sheridan and the Federation. Many with the federation saw the tribes of Sheridan as brutes that would easily turn on themselves, or worse the federation. However, others saw a benefit to them, they are warriors by nature and could bolster their army easily. For Sheridan, many people saw the chief (that united them) to have strange ways and that they didn’t need the help of outsiders.

Bryan Suggestion: Give the place two moons, one that has a normal cycle around the planet and the other that if off-kilter on an aggressive path, causing gravital shifts as it gets close to the planet. This is the planets Summer months, and in the month where the land is stable, that’s when food is grown. ((We’d have to figure out how fast the moon moves…))

Some personal additions – they only have two seasons, Summer and Spring. During spring, there are still rivers of lava in some place but they are often a dull grey before turning a bright orange. The gray is a nice contrast to the common red sands and rock and can often be seen.


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