Veltus 5


Location: Veltus System Technology: Low – Med

“We’ve been asked why we don’t just leave Veltus. They don’t understand why we stay. We stay because Veltus is our home, our being, our mother. We honor her and those that came before us, and we are proud to call ourselves Veltans, because we never fold.” – Am-ret A’lmond, Speaker for Veltus 5

Summary: Veltans have always lived in the Veltus system, starting with their first homeland planet before it’s destruction. They’re population severely cut, they

Scenery: Veltus 5 is a harsh, cold environment with little resources that has been around for only a couple centuries housing the people known as Veltans. It’s a largely uninhabitable place but the Veltans who live there make it their home. There are hills and hills of snowdrifts and banks with crystal shards of ice jetting from above them. The people of Veltus build their home and villages into the ground and mountains, where miles upon miles of cave tunnels exist. While some of the caves are man-made, most of them are naturally made underneath the surface of Veltus 5 and much of it remains unexplored.

Appearance: Above the surface, Veltans are often covered in multiple layers

Political System: ((My idea for their system is everyone’s vote counts. However, they do elect a speaker (a delegate) to speak on their behalf and carry their vote. A speaker is always someone who is well known in the community, speaks eloquently, and is honorable.

They are also less in favor of the Federations delegate system, as they are allowed less delegates than other planets/nations, and it goes against their own form of government where everyone gets a vote.))


Veltus 2 was a beautifully lush world within the habitable zone, but a dying one as the core was slowing to a halt. As the core slowed the protective magnetic field grew smaller and smaller eventually causing the solar winds to strip away the atmosphere leaving an inhospitable rock floating in space.

((Need to create history of what happened to the First Veltus, Veltus 2, Veltus 3, and Veltus 4 – I have this listed in the GM notes as a quick write up of what could happen, but want to see everyone’s feedback first. I’m actually thinking maybe we each get a previous veltus and decide what happened to it in a group setting.))

Commerce: In the Veltus system there are multiple asteroid belts filled with metal and other resources. Some of these asteroids have been around before the first Veltus, some of them are the first Veltus. They also mine unique gems in the tunnels of Veltus that are used for jewelry. A few traders will take the route out to Veltus to collect these materials but will often charge a markup once they are in a more civilized system.


Notes: Veltus 5 s supposed to be a place of survival. A place that by all means should not exist but does due to the hardship of its people. And it’s people are very proud of their ability to adapt and survive. The 5 in Veltus is supposed to be more of a joke, my original thought was that Veltus had been attacked multiple times by the Ashans, other enemies, or through natural causes, but the Veltans, which are the only inhabitants of the small veltus system, would continue to spring up in a different planet or rebuild a lost planet. While pride runs deep in their own community, outside of it, they’re thought of as the cockroaches of the federation.

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Veltus 5

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