Veltus 5


Location: Veltus System Technology: Low

“We’ve been asked why we don’t just leave Veltus. They don’t understand why we stay. We stay because Veltus is our home, our being, our mother. We honor her and those that came before us, and we are proud to call ourselves Veltans, because we never fold.” – Am-ret A’lmond, Speaker for Veltus 5

Scenery: Veltus 5 is a harsh, cold environment with little resources that has been around for many centuries housing the people known as Veltans. It’s a largely uninhabitable place but the Veltans who live there make it their home. There are hills and hills of snowdrifts and banks with crystal shards of ice jetting from above them. The people of Veltus build their home and villages into the ground and mountains, creating miles and miles of caves to protect them from the windy surfaces above. While many of the caves are man-made, most of them are naturally created underneath the surface of Veltus 5.


Political System:


Veltus 5

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